The Dwarf’s Demise

In addition to creating the setting By a Thread, Arme Blanche Games is hard at work creating our first module, The Dwarf’s Demise. This scenario is designed for an outfit of 3-5 characters and comes complete with six pre-generated characters for ease of play. This module can be played in one session of roughly four hours.

In this scenario, the PCs are private investigators hired by the Brighton Police Department to solve the murder of one of the city’s elites, Rolf Undermountain, a dwarf who made a name for himself designing dirigibles. Rolf went to work on a Saturday, and his body was found that afternoon by his receptionist, Opal of the Evergreen Twelve, an elf. Who could the culprit be?

In this pulp mystery reminiscent of the radio teleplays of yore, PCs will get the chance to interact with some of the wealthiest members of Brighton society. Who would benefit the most from Rolf’s death? Will the PCs discover an even graver threat?