By a Thread

Welcome to By a Thread, a setting for Savage Worlds. Prepare yourself for stories of adventure, mystery, and intrigue as you and the rest of your outfit struggle to make your way through the cities and wilderness of the Northern Provinces of the former Aerodom on the continent of Chevas. Prepare to defend yourself not only against common criminals and possibly the odd assassin hired by a nobleman or titan of industry, but also against goblins, orcs, and trolls. Even the undead can sometimes be found laying plans for the ruination of the Noble Races. Play as a dwarf, elf, faerie, human, or ogre, and equip yourself with the best the land has to offer: revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles, and even machine rifles and grenades. Prepare yourself for adventure in a fantasy realm featuring 1920’s technology and culture. Travel overland at your peril or simply buy a ticket for a dirigible to take you from city to city. The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish, but can you save your city or the region and put the myriad threats to rest?

By a Thread Character Sheet

Ready to play a game of By a Thread? Grab this interactive character sheet to get started.

The Dwarf’s Demise

Many envied Rolf Undermountain. Earlier today, the brilliant, wealthy dirigible tycoon was found dead in his office. Police ask the PCs to solve the murder. Is his partner really the culprit?

This pulp mystery takes characters on a wild ride among the movers and shakers of downtown Brighton. What kinds of secrets did Rolf hold? Who would benefit the most from his death? In the end, will the characters find an even greater threat?

The Dwarf’s Demise takes place in the world of By a Thread, a setting for Savage Worlds created by Arme Blanche Games.

This module is intended for groups of four or five players, but it easily scales to larger or smaller groups. Six pregenerated characters are included.

Note: A copy of Savage Worlds is required for play. Using the pregenerated characters, this module can be played without a copy of By a Thread

The Dwarf’s Demise Map Pack

This zip file contains maps for both of the potential combat scenes in the Dwarf’s Demise.

The Border Keep

Frodo had the shire. What do your characters have?

The Border Keep describes a small castle at the edge of the wilderness that can serve as a base for the PCs. In addition to numerous maps, this supplement includes descriptions of the area, its history, and the NPCs who also reside here.

Give your travel-weary PCs a break. Bring them home.

The Border Keep Map Pack (VTT)

Looking for a new setting for your adventures?

This map pack contains seven maps describing a small castle including its grounds, four stories within the keep, three additional tower stories, and a cellar.

Furthermore, each map has been optimized for use with virtual tabletop software (VTT) including those found on Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds.

The Border Keep on Roll 20

Do you need a castle map but are short on time? Would you rather not have to deal with a sprawling estate requiring several maps to cover a single floor? Then this is the map pack for you.

The Border Keep contains seven maps detailing the grounds and multiple levels of a small castle.